NSW Library Funding Camapign

Community Funding Campaign

Fair Deal for NSW Public Libraries

NSW State Governments have short changed public libraries for years. We are now at crisis point.

If the State doesn’t put in more, public library services in NSW will be at risk.
You can help us do something about this by taking one, two or all of the following actions:
  • Go to your local library and sign our petition
  • Complete our quick online survey
  • Join our mailing list so that you stay informed
Some Facts
  • Library funding was once split 50:50 State and Local Government.
  • The State Government currently puts in only 7 cents out of every dollar and local councils now have to fund 93% of the cost of providing public libraries. The State Government contribution to libraries is the lowest of all states in Australia."
  • In the run up to the last state election, the current State Government said they would increase ongoing funding for public libraries. They have not.
  • Successive NSW State Governments have put in less and less in real terms every year.
  • Families, seniors, students, children, job seekers and other library users will be hit if the State Government doesn’t put in its fair share.
Campaign Newsletter - April 2014