Youth Council

About Tumut Shire Youth Council The aim of the Tumut Shire Youth Council Committee is to provide a forum for consultation between Council and the youth of the local area to achieve:-

  • Promotion of a positive profile of young people.
  • Active involvement in increasing the level and variety of entertainment and recreation for young people.
  • Provision of a forum where young people can express their views and those views will be heard and respected.
  • Improved two-way communication lines between young people and the rest of the community.

To contact us or suggest an idea please email us at

Membership Are you a motivated person interested in helping to make a difference? Together with the Tumut Shire Youth Council, you can!!

Positions are available for up to 15 members aged between 12 and 24 years.

It is desirable that there is a reasonable gender balance on the Youth Council with an approximate equality of numbers between the aged groups.

There are also 5 positions available for Adult Advisory Representatives and Adult Helpers. One of the Adult Advisory Representatives is a Tumut Shire Councillor.

Persons appointed to the Youth Council Committee by Tumut Shire Council. Persons can be self nominated, or can represent a group or organisation.

The Tumut Shire Youth Council meets on monthly basis. Membership Nomination Forms for the Youth Council can be downloaded and are available from the Council Offices phone 6941 2552.


Awards The following are awards received by the Tumut Shire Youth Council:

2011 Finalist - Best ongoing commitment to local youth week programs

2011 Finalist - Best small council with the most outstanding youth week program

2012 Finalist - Best small council with the most outstanding youth week program

2009 Winner - Best ongoing commitment to local youth week programs

2008 Finalist - Best ongoing youth week program

Events Tumut Shire Youth Council conducts a variety of social events for the Youth of the Shire and neighbouring shires. Youth Council also participates in and supports a number of community events. See more about Youth Council's main events at

Youth Council Committee Agendas