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Council Contact Details
Tumut Shire Council
76 Capper Street
Tumut NSW 2720

02 6941 2555
02 6941 2678

Office Hours
8.30am to 5.00pm (Mon to Fri)
Please note Council's counter hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm (Mon to Fri)

Email Council

80 970 406 169

Customer Action Requests (CARs)
Customer Action Request System is Council’s database for recording information about requests for service and complaints.

Council recognises the value of complaints as a mechanism for improving services to the community. Any member of the public, employee or Councillor may lodge a complaint.

Complaints can be lodged with any member of staff or any Councillor. In all cases, the name and contact details of the complainant must be included on the record of complaint. If this is not done, the matter will not be investigated. Complaints and requests can be submitted in writing, by telephone or on-line.

Requests requiring an Immediate or Urgent Response (ie where there is a safety hazard or where an accident has or is likely to occur) please contact Council by telephone on 69412555 to report the complaint or request.

All complaints or requests will be treated confidentially and with respect and forwarded to the relevant staff within twenty four hours of receipt of the complaint.  Both Verbal and written complaints and / or evidence supporting complaints must be recorded in the Complaints Register known as the Customer Action Request System (CARS). Refer further to Council’s Complaints Policy .

Lodge a Customer Action Request Form (CARs) on-line. (non-urgent requests only)

Customer Feedback Council values your feedback (both positive & negative) as it helps us improve our services to our shire and community. All feedback and personal details of users entering feedback remain confidential under the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1993 and Local Government Act 1993. Feedback Submitters please note, Council endeavours to resolve all issues, however this is only possible where Council is responsible for the service or asset. For all non-Council related issues, the feedback submitters will be advised in writing.

Positive Feedback
We welcome and appreciate positive feedback about Council. Positive comments or suggestions can be left anonymously, however Council is unable to acknowledge Positive Feedback Users comments unless they provide their contact details.

To leave positive feedback click the link - Positive Feedback

Constructive Feedback
If you have a concern or complaint we would like to know about it to rectify any problems. Constructive Feedback Users are required to complete their personal details to enable Council to respond and advise them of the outcome of their concern. As Council is seeking constructive feedback we request users also offer a suggestion on how their issue might be resolved.

To advise Council of your concern click the link - Constructive Feedback