Developer Information Sheets


DA / CC Application Form

Certifiers Agreement

Modification of Development Consent Form and Checklist

Modification of Construction Certificate Form

Notice of Commencement

Application for Occupation Certificate

Owners Consent Form

s82A Review of Determination

Surrender of Consent Form

Surrender of Existing Use Rights Form

Building Right Search Application 

Subdivision Certificate Application

Building Certificate Application

Solid Fuel Heater Installer Certificate

Planning Certificate Form - 149(2) & (5)

Pre-Lodgement Checklists

Checklist for DA only

Checklist for combined DA-CC-dwellings and additions

Checklist for combined DA-CC-outbuildings

Checklist for combined DA-CC Industrial/Commercial/Multi Residential

Checklist for Subdivision DA

Checklist for CDC

Planning / Development Applications

Do I need to submit a Development Application

What are the different types of DAs

Submitting a Development Application

Steps in the development assessment process

What to expect on your Development Consent

How to prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects

Statement of Environmental Effects - Template

Applying for Demolition Approval

Change of Use (Building/Land)

Developer Contributions

Constructing a Flood Levy

Installing a Rainwater Tank

Lodging a submission

Safer By Design

Building / Construction Certificates

Submitting a Construction Certificate Application

Performance Based Building Design

Adaptable Housing Design

Snow Loading

Building Certificate Sect. 149b

Council Business Ethics

Section 68 - Local Government Approval

Applying for Approval to Install a Solid Fuel Heater

Applying for approval to install an on-site sewage management system

Submitting an Application for a Moveable Dwelling

Swimming Pools

Approval to install a Pool


Application for Certificate of Compliance for Swimming Pool

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Measures in Buildings

Fire Safety Certificate for initial certification of fire safety measures

Annual Fire Safety Certificate


Rural Addressing