Garages in Heritage Precincts Information Sheet

Garages In Conservation Areas & Adjacent Heritage Items
In order to blend with their surroundings, garages should be sized and detailed in ways that approximate the best elements of traditional architecture in the Heritage Conservation Areas for Tumut, Adelong and Batlow.

Garages Generally

  • Traditionally, garages matched the materials of the house. If the house was ‘fibro’ then the garage was ‘fibro’. If the house was brick then the garage was brick. If the house was weatherboard then the garage was weatherboard. This should be kept in mind for garage construction in Heritage Conservation Areas.
  • Matching of materials needs to be detailed on the drawings. In a brick garage, for example, the brick bond should match the house, not just the colour and size.
  • Garages were generally not built attached to the house, but were freestanding structures etback from front boundary and generally towards the rear of the block.
  • Traditional “heritage” colour schemes should be adopted.

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