Asset Management Plans

Local Government is at the forefront of providing services to the community and our community relies on these services, many of these services are delivered by infrastructure assets.  It is important that council takes long term management of these assets into consideration and plans for the future.  We will do this through Asset Management Plans.

The term Asset Management describes the process for ‘whole of life’ asset management from planning, purchase, operation and maintenance to disposal of assets.  Council must account for and plan for all existing assets under its control and any new asset solutions proposed in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program.

Council needs to ensure that our Asset Management planning has a service delivery focus.  The assets that are provided are necessary to meet the needs of the community as identified by the community.

Asset Management planning enables the relationship between costs of service and level of service to be explored so the local, regional and national community can decide what they are prepared to pay for.

Please click on the below links to view Council's Asset Management Plans:

Bridges Asset Management Plan (BAMP)

Footpaths and Kerbs Asset Management Plan

 Roads Asset Management Plan (RAMP)

Strategic Business Plan - Water

Strategic Business Plan - Sewer