Crash Statistics

The most recent ratified crash statistics obtained from the Roads and Maritime Service for the 5 year period (2009 to 2013) revealed a total of 398 crashes reported in the Tumut Shire Council area.  Of these crashes there were 245 injuries (all road user classes – driver, motorcyclist, passengers and pedestrians).

A further breakdown of the crash data (of significance) revealed that;

Speeding was the greatest contributing factor of crashes with 47%.

62% of crashes occurred in a 100km/h posted speed zone (combined of local, regional and state roads)

72% were single vehicle crashes

The 40 to 49 year age group accounted for 17% of vehicle controllers involved in crashes followed separately by both the 17 to 20 and 30 to 39 year age group with 16% and;

75% of drivers involved in crashes resided in the Tumut Shire Council area.

For more analysis of local crash statistics see the Road Safety Plan.