Heavy Vehicles

In the period 2003-2007 there were 28 crashes involving heavy vehicles in the Tumut Shire.

Sharing the Road with Trucks

The Tumut Council, in conjunction with the Gundagai and Tumbarumba Councils, State Forests and members of the Forest Industry Council have identified Heavy Vehicle safety as a priority issue. Heavy vehicle numbers in the shire have steadily grown over the past few years with the opening of the Visy Pulp and Paper Mill in Tumut, and will continue to increase with:

  • the development of the new Hyne Mill in Tumbarumba
  • the upgrade of the Weyerhaeuser mill in Tumut; and,
  • the construction of Visy Stage 2 in Tumut.

In NSW it is estimated 75% of heavy truck fleets are short distance operations (i.e. less than 100km from base). In the Tumut Council the majority of trucking companies are involved in the log haulage to and transport of value-added goods from the mills in the Tumut and Tumbarumba Shires. Within the Tumut, Tumbarumba and Gundagai Shires a campaign has been running to raise motorist’s awareness of sharing the road with trucks and some of the hazards involved.