Road Safety Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016

This plan was developed for the Tumut, Tumbarumba and Gundagai Councils in conjunction with the RTA. The plan identifies the priority road safety issues and describes strategies to address these issues.

The Shires of Gundagai, Tumbarumba and Tumut have all experienced large volumes of increased traffic over the past 5 years and with these increases expected to continue, road safety becomes even more paramount.  The Road Safety Strategic Plan has been developed to meet the goals of the State Government plan Road Safety 2010, and to help ensure local people and visitors can also travel safely through our region.

The Road Safety Strategic Plan will enable Gundagai, Tumbarumba and Tumut Shire Councils over the next five years to provide integrated, cost effective and long-term solutions to road safety issues within their Local Government Areas. The Strategic Plan will maximise communication and co-ordination between all stakeholders in road safety planning and activity.

Council’s Road Safety Officer will develop and implement yearly action plans in line with the five-year strategy outlined in this document, in order to achieve the desired outcomes contained within each stated objective.  The strategy is then divided as follows:

  • The Road Safety Strategic Planning process – a brief description of how the Road Safety Strategic Plan was formulated
  • Council’s commitment to road safety – an outline of Gundagai, Tumbarumba and Tumut Shire Councils’ structure and commitment to Road Safety
  • Factors contributing to road crashes – a brief outline of the three key contributing factors.
  • Objectives and strategies – broad strategies listed beneath each objective to enable the development of yearly action plan

The Management Plan provides the basis for all budget planning and policy decisions. The Plan details specific ‘Actions and Targets’ in relation to Road Safety with ‘Performance Assessments’ ensuring their achievement. The adoption of the Road Safety Strategic Plan within the Management Plan is critical in ensuring that road safety strategies are integrated throughout Council’s processes.

Download  the Road Safety Strategic Plan 2011 -2016 (2.11Mb pdf)