Street Lighting

Faulty Streetlights
Street lights are maintained by Country Energy, and faulty lights should be reported to Country Energy. Visit to report the fault.

Request a streetlight
Requests for streetlights must be in writing to the Manager Assets & Design and clearly indicate where and why the light is required. Your request will be prioritised, based on the reasons given in the request and details noted during an inspection of the area. The inspection will note the position of existing lights, poles and powerlines, and assess what is required to bring lighting as close to the appropriate standard as practicable. Existing lights may be moved, or trees trimmed, to improve overall lighting. (Lights can usually only be installed on existing poles that have low voltage powerlines.)

What lights should my street have?
Lighting is designed with reference to an Australian Standard, which sets out requirements for different classes of roads (eg. main roads and local streets). In new estates, lighting is installed by the developer in accordance with the relevant section of the Standard.

Streetlighting Costs
Lights are installed or altered by Country Energy at Council's request. To minimise administrative and installation costs, requests are usually grouped by locality and sent to Country Energy on one order. The work is usually carried out promptly, but is subject to Country Energy work priorities and, in some cases, the availability of fittings.