Tumut Aerodrome

Tumut Aerodrome is located on Wee Jasper Road - Tumut.  Tumut Council's Aerodrome Committee meets quarterly to discuss issues and strategic direction regarding the aerodrome.

Tumut Aeroclub facilities a fuel station at the Aerodrome.  Please contact the Aero Club to enquire with regards to this facility.


Visitors to be aerodrome must not be airside without authorisation

Children may be granted access airside but must remain under strict supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

For safety reasons pets are not allowed airside.

In the case of an emergency proceed to the designated assembly area as instructed.

Gates are to be kept closed at all times when not in use and free for vehicle access.

Where vehicle access airside is approved by Tumut Shire Council:-

* The vehicles must be currently registered with the RMS

* At the discretion of Tumut Shire Council, vehicles may be allowed to proceed unaccompanied to a nominated point.

* All drivers must hold a valid state licence for the class of vehicle being drive and supplied to Council staff if requested.

* Drivers of vehicles are to obey all signposting and pavement markings and traffic control devices.

* Drivers of vehicles are to exercise extreme caution and in all cases give way to aircraft.

* Persons operating vehicles airside do so at their own risk

* Only authorised vehicles and personnel are permitted within 20 metres clear of aircraft.

* Vehicles are not to obstruct gateways

* Any direction by Council staff is to be complied with

* Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted on the runway or runway strip

* No vehicle is to be driven within 50m of an aircraft with running engine

* Tumut Shire Council accepts no responsbility for vehicles on Aerodrome land

* Vehicles not being driven directly to hangars are to display a rotating amber beacon.

* Maximum speed for all vehicles is 20km/hr


NOTAM Office                                      0738663647

Police/Fire/Ambulance                 000

Tumut Shire Council                   0427470555 (After hours)

                                                                      69412555 (8.30 to 5pm Monday to Friday)

Tumut Aero Club                            69471148