Don't be a Drip

Deadline Extension 28th March 2015

Council is very conscious of our precious commodity water, and how we use it. Don't be a drip program aims to Educate on:

Don't be a drip at School

Council has a wonderful new program called “Don’t be a drip”, aimed at educating the community on water use, and know your water meter. As part of this program “Don’t be a drip at school” Council will be giving away 1000* water bottles to school students

It’s really easy to be part of the giveaway, all you have to do is undertake one of the activities that are listed below for any K-12 students syllabus aligned activity, that focuses on water and highlight to students what a water meter is and how the meter tells you how much water you use (see link  for brochure that can be used as a tool to assist) and send a photo** of the activity being undertaken with permission for promotion to by 28 March 2015.


*First in best dressed, once council has given out the 1000 bottles there will be no more, the maximum total amount of water bottles available for any one school is 200 water bottles. The bottles are for students and not staff or public/community members.

** photos of the students undertaking the activity, a copy of their work.  When you send a photo to Council is considered that approval to use this photo in promotional material has been given to Council.  You will also have to provide the number of student that undertook the activity so that we know how many bottles to set aside for you to pick up from Council.