Rainwater Tanks

Council is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the environment and supports those residents who are willing to install domestic rainwater tanks in order to conserve water and enhance the environment. BASIX commitments for new residences and residential additions usually require rainwater retention and reuse involving the installation of rainwater tanks. These required tanks should be detailed in the Development Application. The installation of tanks associated with existing residences may meet exempt development criteria negating the requirement of Council consent.

Standards Australia have produced guidelines in a publication entitled 'NSW Department of Health Website - Rainwater Tanks' which provides important information.

If you would like additional information on rainwater tanks, you can also go to Sustaining our Environment - Rainwater tanks. They have great information such as:

  • What Rainwater will provide?
  • Is rainwater from a tank safe to drink?
  • How do I install a rainwater tank?