Coal Seam Gas Exploration Moratorium

At the Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday, 24 June 2014, Council resolved to:

  • impose an indefinite moratorium on coal seam gas (CSG) exploration on all council controlled land in the Tumut Local Government Area (LGA) and call for a full assessment by the State Government of the impacts of the activity of CSG on the sustainability of agricultural production and aquifers in the LGA;
  • Not permit seismic testing to be conducted on any roads or lands under the care and/or control of Tumut Shire Council for the purposes of CSG exploration;
  • Not accept any donations, grants or gifts from any CSG companies or associated organisations or their representatives;
  • Write a letter of in-principle support to the Lock the Gate organisation and include in this letter the position of Council outlines in this resolution;
  • Nominate a Councillor to officially present a copy of this resolution to our current State and Federal local members and forward this resolution to the relevant State and Federal Ministers;
  • Place notification of this position on Council's website;
  • Present this resolution to our partner Councils at Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) for their consideration.