Roadside Vegetation Management Plan


The Roadside Vegetation Management Plan has brought to attention a small but significant number of areas of roadside vegetation that are unique and special to the Tumut Shire, areas that without much effort apart from greater awareness and planning can be appreciated for a long time into the future. For  a copy of the plan click on this link

Tree Trails

Tumut Shire Council was a successful applicant for the LG NSW and NSW Environment Trust - Roadside Vegetation Implementation Program (RVIP) 2011-2013. This project undertook environmental weed eradication, revegetation on roadsides with high values and provided education to Council, staff and the community.

Part of the Project was to educate and make the public aware of areas of conservation. Council created a “Tree Trails” brochure, to provide the community and tourist with driving information on where to go and what you will find in the Tumut Shire. The “Tree Trail” brochure has a map with the key roads of value listed, so that people looking for a scenic drive can find the locations. It shows pictures from the sites, which are bursting with biodiversity and beauty. To further Councils education component the brochures were posted to 30 Tourist Information Centres in New South Wales so that other regions can see the importance, value and beauty of this natural asset in Tumut Shire.

The RVIP program improved the integrity of the reaches targeted and provided timely and valuable support to Council ensuring best practice for the management of Road Reserves. The community will benefit from the program well into the future as this program has set foundations, provided resources and educational material which will further assist the local environment. For a copy of the brochure click here