Food Premises

Council has established and maintained a solid Food Safety program over a number of years with a number of food safety initiatives developed by Council in addition to evolving and changing requirements of the NSW Food Authority.

Council maintains a register of all known food premises in the shire and has given them a risk classification based on the type of business conducted in accordance with the Food Regulation Partnership between Council and the NSW Food Authority. Food premises are inspected either once per year or twice per year for compliance with the Food Safety Standards. In addition to routine food safety compliance inspections Council responds to food safety related complaints that are received.

Council also assists in the communication of any food safety recalls that affect the local food industry as well as enforcing the requirements as specified in the recall documentation.

A food safety seminar is conducted annually by Council which seeks to re-enforcekey food safety messages, provide information on key food safety focuses and localised issues as well as demonstrating the measures Council takes to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors alike. Typically the seminar audience comprises of predominately food business managers and team members and member’s community organisations. Council’s food safety seminars have also attracted job seekers, educators and students. In 2010 Council provided an exclusive seminar for a local employment agency catering for just job seekers.

Council also maintains open lines of communication with the local retail food industry by developing and distributing a food safety newsletter for retail food businesses across the Shire. The first edition was trialled in 2008 and again became a regular production with numerous issues going out each year provided there is enough content to make it worthwhile.