Health Regulations

Council actively regulates areas of interest of continued public health.

These areas include:

  • Funeral Directors
  • Major Water Cooling Systems
  • Public Swimming Pool Water Quality
  • Drinking water quality for both treated and untreated supplies
  • Premises of Skin Penetration

These areas are covered in Councils ‘Public Health Plan’ and accordingly are targeted for relevant actions to be undertaken based on the nature of the activity. For example regular auditing of each of the abovementioned activities is undertaken to ensure they are conducted in a way as to not negatively impact on public health.

Councils 2012 Draft Public Health Plan is a document that has been created to identify current public health issues in the Shire, how to minimize any potential risks associated with the issues identified and ways of measuring the success of risk minimization strategies.  The Draft Public Health Plan is currently available for public comment.