‘Pollution’ generally refers to matter (solid, liquid, gas) that has been introduced into an environment in greater levels than is natural for that environment. Typically complaints Council receives regarding pollution involve land or water pollution, pollution of the air, or ‘noise pollution’ from sources such as barking dogs, orchard ‘scare guns’, water pumps and air conditioning compressors. Pollution can range from being a nuisance or a risk to human, animal and plant life.

Pollution matters in NSW are controlled by two primary authorities;
Smaller or local issues are dealt with by local Councils, matters like a barking dog, minor water pollution, or smoke or dust issues.

Major Issues, for example matters relating to the larger industry are dealt with by the NSW Department of Environment & Conservation.

The NSW Police are also empowered to issue noise reduction directions and issue “On the Spot” fines to resolve neighbourhood noise issues like home stereos, noisy vehicles and parties etc.

To lodge a pollution complaint about a major issue, contact the NSW DEC pollution line on 131 555 (24 hours a day).

To lodge a pollution complaint about a local issue, contact the Council on 6941 2555 (business hours).