Septic Tank Systems

Small domestic sewage management facilities or on-site sewage management systems (OSSMS) include all types of human waste storage facilities. They include pump-out systems, sewage ejection units, septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems, composting toilets, pit toilets, wastewater filtration systems, effluent soak-away trenches, mounds and irrigation areas, greywater treatment systems, and greywater application systems.

Failing on-site sewage management systems release dangerous levels of sewage pollution to the environment. Sewage pollution causes contamination of water, which can spread disease and lead to environmental degradation. There are approximately 300,000 on-site sewage management systems across NSW and 1,500 within the Tumut Shire Council Area. 

Tumut Shire Council is a participant in the Septic Safe program, a statewide partnership between the NSW Government and local councils to address the issue of protecting land and waterways from pollution and environmental degradation. The Septic Safe program provides effective education, support and a risk based inspection program to benefit landowners, so that their systems operate in accordance with the health and environmental performance standards with the aim to monitor and manage the cumulative impact of sewage pollution in and across local government areas.

For more information on the Septic Safe Program view the Department of Local Government - OSSM

Download On-site-Sewerage-Management-Code-RP.02-v1 (pdf 237Kb) 

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On-Site Wastewater Management Septic Tank Owners Guide