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King and Queen of Green Recycling Education

Tumut Shire Council will be providing all Primary schools within the Shire the opportunity to attend The King and Queen of Green “Realm of Rubbish Show” at the Montreal Theatre on Tuesday the 21st of October 2014. 

The King and Queen of Green are a theatrical company who work extensively to educate school children on the importance of recycling.

Council’s Director Development & Environment, Paul Mullins said “Council annually commits our time and resources to Recycling Education. Council has planned to use a stage based play as something very different for students in the Shire. The Recycling Education program has been specifically targeted at children in the Kindy to Year 6 age groupings, intended to provide educational interest & benefit to school students. This age grouping has been selected due to the environmental relevance of recycling education and their general interest in the environment.” 

The King & Queen of Green  will perform two sessions, one at 9.30am till 10.15am for Kinder to Year 3 and 12.30pm till 1.15pm Year 4 - 6. 

For a copy of the brochure please click on this link King-and-Queen-of-Green-TSC.pdf or click on this link 

Waste Minimisation

Approximately 32.4 million tonnes of solid waste was generated in Australia in 2002–03, an estimated 42% of which was building waste (Productivity Commission 2006). Minimising and recycling this waste can have significant social, economic and environmental benefits. 

 A number of states, including Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, have ‘towards zero’ waste strategy documents. The strategies set state-wide targets for waste reduction, resource recovery and littering, and specific targets and actions for the municipal and business sectors to deliver more sustainable use of resources. See for example Victoria’s Sustainability in action — towards zero waste strategy or South Australia’s waste strategy 2011–2015.

 The three Rs of waste minimisation: reduce, reuse, recycle.

 Reduce consumption of resources by building smaller houses that are better designed for your needs. This is the most effective way to conserve precious resources for use by future generations and reduce waste. It also lowers costs.

 Improve the accuracy of your ordering so that materials are not wasted nor sit around a site for long periods where they can become damaged.

 Reuse existing buildings and materials in order to reduce demand for resources, lower waste volumes and save money. A lot of energy and resources go into the materials used to construct a home and due to the mixed nature of these materials most end up in landfill.

 Recycle resources that are left over or have reached the end of their useful life. This reduces demand for new materials and lowers the volume of waste going to landfill. Use materials with high recycled content to create a market for recycled resources. It raises the price paid by recyclers for recovered resources and increases the viability of recycling.

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