Bin Trim Tool

Bin Trim - Businesses in Tumut have tapped into new opportunities to reduce waste to landfill and boost recycling with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recently awarding $4.7 million grants for its Bin Trim program across NSW. Twenty seven organisations across NSW have successfully secured funding through Round 1 of the Bin Trim Business Grants program to provide free waste audits and advice to an estimated 8,000 small to medium businesses. The Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) is working with Scott & Associates Consulting to
roll-out the program in Tumut.

Scott & Associates Consulting has trained assessors who delivered Bin Trim assessment services during August and September to a range of businesses with less than 200 employees including motels, hotels, manufacturers, agricultural operations, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and clubs. The free assessment service will help businesses understand more about their waste management and how they can tap into recycling opportunities for items such as cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, timber, e-waste and food.

By improving waste avoidance, re-use and recycling practices, businesses save money in disposal costs and make better use of a valuable resource.