Industrial & Hazardous Waste

Tumut Council does not offer liquid, industrial or hazardous waste facilities. Contact Council's Waste Officer on 6941 2532 about your specific waste problem and to discuss disposal options. Bellettes offer building skips, contact 6947 2223 for details.


Asbestos cannot be accepted at any of Council's Waste Centres.

Today, there are strict OH & S issues applicable when asbestos is handled, demolished or moved. Even small jobs require the involvement of properly Workcover accredited tradesperson as the inappropriate handling of asbestos has potential health implications. Persons considering demolishing or handling the material must understand the law and the risks associated with the material. Asbestos related diseases kill a number of Australian residents each year.

The NSW Government has established a number of useful websites that relate the safe handling of asbestos. Check out, or, or and Local Government Fact Sheet

Drum Muster
drumMUSTER is the national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers. One of the greatest problems facing users of crop production and animal health products is the disposal of empty chemical containers. drumMUSTER provides chemical users with a defined route to safely dispose of your used chemical containers. drumMUSTER is the single biggest environmental program ever undertaken jointly by farmers/chemical users, Local Government and the Crop Production and Animal Health Industries. Tumut Shire Council supports drumMUSTER and advocates the responsible use of chemicals, and waste management initiatives to ensure a cleaner environment for the community as a whole and adds to Australia’s clean and green image. Batlow, Adelong and Gilmore Waste Depots are accredited Drum Muster Facilities.